Smaller Homes Are In for New Homes in Estero

homes in estero

Looking for new homes in Estero?

If so, there’s a good chance you will, at some point, be looking at a home with fewer square feet than older homes in the area.

That’s because new home construction is trending toward smaller homes and smaller neighborhoods. Part of the reason is because buyers would rather save by not paying for features and amenities that they don’t use. Part of the reason is because large amounts of land are becoming scarce – thus restricting how big neighborhoods can be.

New communities will gradually move away from the neighborhoods that host hundreds of single-family homes to ones that are as small as Oaks of Estero, which has a mere 24 homes. These neighborhoods won’t only take up less space; they’ll also contain fewer amenities. This means lower fees.

Some neighborhoods are being or have already been built in close proximity to places like the Estero Regional Park, which gives access to nearby residents to a fitness center and other activities.

The trend is so strong that many managers in the area fully expect smaller homes and communities to be the norm, rather than the exception. I think that many homeowners in Estero would actually love the more intimate feel of these smaller, closer-knit communities and the coziness of a home with a smaller footprint that represents less upkeep and maintenance.

Plus, the fewer the number of people in a neighborhood, the higher the chance that a homeowner can get to know his or her neighbors.

That doesn’t mean people are abandoning existing homes in big, gated communities with tons of amenities. It just means that for most people desiring new homes in Estero, smaller may actually be better.